GOV.UK Portugal Foreign Travel Advice – please check for the latest advice before travelling:

Check the UK government advice on foreign travel during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and sign up for email alerts for this travel advice.

If you’re planning to travel to Portugal, find out what you need to know about coronavirus there in the Coronavirus section.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to get travel insurance and check it provides sufficient cover. See the FCDO’s guidance on foreign travel insurance.

Countries of the will form travel corridors. You can find a full list on

There are rules about taking food and drink into the EU. See Taking food and drink into the EU for further information.

Out and about in Portugal during your stay -

Masks (not face coverings) – must always be worn in all public places and buildings, when shopping, all public transport. We suggest you bring your own supply of PPE and carry a supply of masks and had gel.

Not all the places you may hope to visit or things you may expect to do will be operating normally.

Beaches –  Updated info here:

Taxis – Because of social distancing, taxis can currently only transport 2/3 of capacity:

A 9-seater bus only 5 passengers +driver, 7-seater bus only 3 passengers +driver

This law also applies to all public and private transport. 

Passengers should wear their own masks and have alcohol gel to clean their hands. Some taxis may provide gel, but best to bring your own always

This may change in future for a family of 6 or 8 to travel in the same bus.

Returning to the UK the isolation rules will differ between England, Scotland and Wales. If you’re travelling abroad, check your local authority’s advice on self-isolation.

Pay attention to any local travel restrictions in the UK. The government may enforce localised lockdowns to stop the spread of coronavirus. If you cancel your holiday due to a local lockdown, you may not be covered. Always check with your provider before buying your insurance.



Changes to staying at Villa Trinity during the pandemic

Villa Trinity – ‘Clean and Safe’ - Compliance with Hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections

The following details are an outline of procedures we are taking and would like you to follow during your stay at Villa Trinity. The full and up to date details will be available at the villa. You are requested to read these carefully on your arrival.

We do understand that this may not be up to your usual accommodation expectations, but in order to keep you and your family safe from infection, we are following the Portuguese guidelines recently recommended by the Department of Tourism for Portugal.

This includes removing all non-necessary ornaments and soft furnishings that can harbour infection, such as books, vases, cushions, curtains etc. Kitchen utensils and crockery will be kept to a minimum.

It is also our responsibility to keep the cleaning staff safe too. On your day of departure, the villa must be vacated and aired for a minimum of three hours prior to the cleaners going in.  They must sanitise everything inside and outside of the villa before cleaning; therefore, cleaning will take a lot longer than normal.  The villa then must be left and aired for a minimum of three hours after they have finished cleaning.

The government guidelines also advise a separate team to remove and change the bedding.  For this reason, on departure, we would ask you to remove sheets and towels and leave them in the bags provided.

Due to the extra time needed to prepare the villa for you, we would ask you to be flexible on check-in time. Please call Tracey on your arrival and she will inform you of the time you will be able to check-in.

Whilst every effort is being made to reduce the risks, we cannot guarantee your safety during your stay and you do so at your own risk. Any disregard of the required responsibilities will result in a deduction from your security deposit.

CHECK-IN/OUT – Our normal check-in time is from 15.30 you are requested to contact Tracey 45 minutes before your arrival to confirm a check-in time. Check out strictly by 10 am on the day of departure. 

Key box - access to the villa will be via a key safe outside the security gate. A gate key will not be posted to you prior to your arrival. You will be notified of the security code before your arrival

During your stay, Tracey will only be available remotely via mobile phone.

It will be your responsibility to ensure you either dispose of or take away with you anything that you bring into the property. This includes All food items provided by yourself from cupboards, fridge and freezer. All toiletries provided by yourself, shampoo, sun lotion, shower gels, etc. Any books and magazines, brochures, leaflets. All pool and beach toys and inflatables. All rubbish must be removed from every waste bin in the villa prior to your departure and disposed of in a local waste bin found in the nearby roads. Nothing at all must be left for the cleaners.

A complimentary welcome pack of tea, coffee, oils and condiments, etc and pre-purchased arrival packs will no longer be available. Three toilet rolls and liquid hand soaps will be provided.

All soft furnishings, curtains and ornaments will be removed and no pool toys and inflatables with be available. The jacuzzi bath should not be used.

Cleaning – There will be no mid-stay cleaning or linen changes. For longer stays, a bag of clean linen will be left for you to change your own bed linens and towels and place all used towels and linen in the bags provided. The bags must be left outside the front door for the cleaners to collect. On the day of your departure, you must remove all linen and towels and place them in the bags provided and leave them outside the front door for the cleaners to collect.

Only one set of crockery, glasses and cutlery will be available per guest – these must be all placed in the dishwasher on your departure and no kitchen items should be left out for cleaning

Aircon – The use of air-con is at your own risk. Guidelines say to keep windows open as much as possible, keeping the shutters down and the doors open can keep rooms cooler during the day.

Pool – Wear footwear around the pool area as chlorine sanitiser will be used around the pool area.


Should you have any symptoms at all of Covid-19, such as a new cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and change in smell or taste, please take your temperature.  A thermometer will be provided at the villa in the first aid kit. Should you have a temperature as well, then you must inform the authorities.  The telephone number will be provided in the information book. Under no circumstances should or your family leave the villa, either to go out, go to the doctors or hospital if you are symptomatic. The covid-19 hotline (SNS 24) will assess your symptoms and advise you of the next course of action.

Please keep Tracey informed accordingly.

We cannot accept any responsibility for self-isolation and self-isolation beyond your departure date, although we will assist where we can during your stay.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms

Do not travel if you have coronavirus symptoms. - If you develop coronavirus symptoms when you are travelling to the UK, tell the crew or driver on your plane, ferry, train, or bus. They will tell staff in the airport, port or station, so they can tell you what you should do next when you arrive.

For queries relating to who does not need to complete the form or self-isolate, please read the list of those who are exempt and the evidence they should provide.


You should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel. Consider carrying an Emergency ID Card to help the health services assist you in an emergency. For information on the European Health Insurance Card see Health. You can contact the emergency services by calling 112.

If you travel to a country that’s not on the government list, you won’t be covered by your insurance. You won’t be covered for cancellations either.

If it’s safe to travel to your destination, and the country itself hasn’t enforced a lockdown, you could be covered.

You could be covered for medical costs too, including those related to coronavirus. That’s providing you didn’t travel against FCO advice.

Many insurers are putting exclusions in place for coronavirus because it's a “known event”. That means that the public are aware of the pandemic and the risks associated with it. Remember to check with your insurer to see what you’re covered for.

Your journey home: re-entering the UK -

Form and self-isolation helpline
Telephone: 0800 678 1767
Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Arrival Airports – you will be required to wear masks at the airport and for the duration of your flight and on arrival.